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reception-area-72dpi-460The world of medicine and our understanding of health, is entering a new era. We are in a paradigm shift, as western and eastern medical models are melding. Ancient practices, from acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy, etc. are increasingly becoming mainstream. It seems that with all the science and technology available to us, the population in general is getting sicker. Everyday more and more medicines, and everyday it seems we are confronted with more and more disease. We search far and wide for answers and cures, and I believe the key lies right under our nose….it’s our mouth!

Let’s start at the top with some basic facts. The mouth is connected to the head and in turn to the rest of the body. Every tooth is an organ; it is fed by oxygen and nutrients all day long and is composed of a very complex and extensive nerve, blood and lymphatic system. The trend in western medicine has been to separate the body in sections and treat individual systems without considering how those parts influence and affect the operation of the whole body. In other words, we dissect the body and focus on the symptom of a particular ailing “part”, without fully considering the body as a whole. But there is no part of the body which works alone. Every tiny part affects the overall function. When we affect one area, we affect the whole. That brings us back to our teeth. As small as they may seem, a diseased tooth causes dis-ease in the body.

A healthy digestive track is paramount to a healthy body. Our stomach and intestines and the whole digestive system plays a huge role in our overall immune system, which constantly strives to keep us healthy.

Digestion, indeed 30% of it, starts in the mouth!. If we cannot chew and break down our food properly, we cannot digest properly and therefore do not assimilate our nutrients completely in order to gain as much as we can from our food. As such it goes without saying that proper nutrition is key. We really are what we eat. If we eat healthy, the teeth are fed good nutrients, the saliva is healthy and the foundation is set for maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and body!

It has been proven that every tooth is intricately connected to the overall nervous system of the body, and indeed to every other organ. The whole jaw apparatus is connected to the cranial-sacral/spine system. Missing or misaligned teeth, prevent smooth and proper function of the jaw which will translate to dysfunction in a given area of the body. Teeth, to jaw, to cranium, to neck and spine. A single tooth out of alignment can create havoc in the whole structure manifesting in myofascial dysfunction i.e. pain!

When we consider that the human body is an incredibly intricate and complex electrical system, and that dentists continue, without discrimination, in placing permanent implants of dissimilar metals (gold, Hg, silver, palladium, nickel, etc.) into the teeth. Basic science dictates in the presence of saliva, we have created a battery in the mouth! The electrical activity of the body is disrupted and now corrosion and heavy metal deposition into the body occurs. This alone, without a doubt affects our health. Heavy metals from our environment and our mouth have a huge impact on our body’s immune system and toxin burden. Not to mention the cell phones we carry next to our heads and the EMFs we are exposed to daily, with metal in the mouth, now we are antennas as well!

The mouth is the “dirtiest” place of the human body. By this we mean the myriad of bacteria that we harbor in our mouths dictates to a large degree our health. In an unhealthy mouth, bad (pathogenic) bacteria thrive. This influences the flora throughout the digestive track and thus affecting the overall health directly via a dis-eased digestive track and a compromised immune system. “Bad” oral bacteria have been implicated in heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes….the list goes on. Inflammation in the mouth, gum disease, translates to inflammation in the body. Administering flouride routinely has been investigated, criticized, and remains controversial. It is after all only 2nd to arsenic in toxicity. Root canal therapy is essentially saving a dead, abcessed tooth. In no other field of medicine to we save “dead” tissue in a live body. A very controversial therapy with potentially serious implications, which is a whole topic onto itself. Mercury fillings…Draconian therapies! This topic in my opinion is not even worth deliberating.

When we consider that everything from a common cold to a cancer can be seen/diagnosed in the mouth, it is my belief we still under estimate the importance of oral health and any “work” has been done to the teeth. It is my view that doctors should investigate a patient’s oral health status to better understand where a problem may be coming from, and likewise, more dentists should be educated on the implications of their pending treatment on the overall health of their patients. It would be ideal if the two would communicate, ultimately for the benefit of people health.

So basically, when we affect a tooth, we affect the body. For years we have considered our routine dental procedures from extractions, to root canals, mercury (Hg) containing fillings, plastic fillings, and fluoride (Fl) administration, as benign and localized to the oral cavity. This cannot be further from the truth. The controversies surrounding the use of certain dental materials and their hazardous potential to overall health have been clouded over by business and profit. Legal and political issues have outweighed public health concerns.

The key lies in education. Teaching our generations good nutritional habits and proper oral hygiene. Research continues to strive for more biocompatible materials to restore teeth, and technology has afforded us the opportunity to maintain a strong functioning, oral apparatus. We have all the tools, the information is out there; it’s up to us to be educated and informed about what our options are, “what” the dentist is doing in our mouth, and how it may affect our health!

So, the lesson: We cannot, as advanced as our knowledge is, to reproduce what “God” and Mother Nature granted us. Any other creature on the planet which has a compromised dentition, will decrease its chances for survival, or in the very least, it’s quality of life. Humans are no exception.  Our mouth is our survival mechanism, without question. A diseased mouth is a diseased body. Take care of your teeth, your mouth, and maintain a healthy nutritious diet. This will reflect in the health of our teeth which in turn translates to the health of the whole body. The oral cavity is truly the gateway to the body and the key to good health.


Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis is a biological dentist in Gibsons B.C. A graduate of McGill University ’88, he has studied in Homeopathy, nutritional and herbal medicines, neural therapy, kinesiology, and other various modalities. He is a member of the IAOMT (Int’l Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology), the AABDM (American Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine) and has been recognized by the LPW (Leading Physicians of the World)


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