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gibsons-dental-centre-receptionOur focus is biomimetic dentistry, which is the science and art of ‘replicating nature.’

With the use of biocompatible and esthetic materials, Dr. Papoutsis and our Dental Team strive to integrate dental rehabilitation with overall systemic health.

Our office is mercury-free and offers a variety of services including laser and ozone therapy, safe removal of amalgam (mercury / silver fillings) with detox protocols, biocompatible and esthetic, metal free restorative materials, implants, cavitation surgery, TMJ and splint therapy.

Dr. Papoutsis is trained in a variety of modalities including homeopathy, neural therapy, herbal medicine and kinesiology (muscle testing).

Gibsons Dental Centre offers a gentle, holistic approach to dentistry. We use only the safest products and procedures and focus on your whole body health.

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