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Gibsons Dental Centre offers a gentle, holistic approach to dentistry. Our knowledgeable and experienced team takes pride in being of service to people of all ages and special needs.

We use only the safest products and procedures – and focus on your whole body health.

Gibsons Dental Centre has 3 amazing Dentists:

  • Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis
  • Dr. Baharnaz Baharloo
  • Dr. Max Bondarenko

Our team of knowledgeable Dentists are experts in their field and are on the forefront of modern dentistry.


Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis Inc. DDS – Dentist

“I love what I do and I do it with love.” – Dr. Papoutsis

Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis is a biological dentist practicing in Gibsons B.C. A graduate of McGill University Montreal in 1988, he practiced in Montreal for seven years before moving to Gabriola Island in 1995. The Sunshine Coast has been his home since then.

The focus of our practice is the relationship between
oral health and systemic wellness, taking into consideration
the mental, emotional and physical components.

Our client’s overall health and well being is of utmost importance to Dr. Papoutsis.

We are committed to using only biocompatible, non-toxic, and mercury-free products while addressing connections between dental health and whole body health.

“With the use of Digital X-Rays and Intraoral Cameras, I educate my clients so we can make the best informed decision together.”

Dr. Papoutsis recognizes the important relationship between oral and overall health.

We treat our patients in a caring, thoughtful, holistic way and share our knowledge of dental wellness with them – enabling them to make the optimal choices about their oral health.

Dr. Baharnaz Baharloo

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Dr. Max Bondarenko

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